The following items are pieces of falconry equipment I have been given along my travels in western Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. They are not items for sale.

The Tomaga.

Kazakh eagle hoods vary enormously and this is one that was given to me by Aralbai in western Mongolia.

Most hoods are modified to fit which ever eagle they are flying at the time. Here the throat band has been padded considerably to compensate for the large beak opening.

Ayak bau.

This is a pair of show jesses, used on special occasions and Festivals. Always decorated with silver studs and sometimes with the addition of semi-precious stones.

Ayak bau.

Another pair of berkut jesses but this time a working pair from Kyrgyzstan.

Zhem Kalta or Jimdorba.

This a typical embroidered cloth bag which is fixed to the waist belt and used to carry a pick-up piece.

Waist belt and hunting knife.

The belt is used daily and decorated with silver, the knife has a woodern sheath and the knife has a bone handle.