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Falconer Bruce Haak with Gyr Falcon
Roscoe, Prairie Chicken and Bruce.

“Roscoe is the name of this fine tiercel gyr, and Bruce Haak is the name of the fine falconer. Roscoe was on loan to Bruce for the season from his friend Charles Schwartz.

The Greater Prairie Chicken Tympanuchus cupido, along with the Sage Grouse and the Sharp-tailed Grouse are firm favourites of longwing falconers of the Western United States. Bruce is normally flying anatum or tundra peregrines and gets fired up with ducks on winter ponds as well as pheasants and partridge. This was a chance for a change and a time to hunt with a falcon that packed a bit more of a punch and to graduate from the Chickens to the Sage Grouse.