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Gyr Peregrine Falcon

I like this picture of Charles Schwartz and his gyr / peregrine falcon as it reminds me of his typically slick way of hawking that comes with experience and a reliable hunting hawk.

This particular day we arrived at one of Charles favourite nearby duck ponds just to give Jalad a bit of daily exercise. Once unhooded, Charles left the falcon take stand on the roof of the truck to survey the area and rouse before we walked towards the pond.

The falcon knew the routine and the strategies often used by the ducks that frequented this pond. She was soon airborne and had the ducks under her command, once she was in position downwind and with the help of the pointers we managed to persuade the bulk of the ducks to make a break for it.

Jalad took a long and quite shallow stoop but overhauled the ducks with surprising speed. With a duck in the bag, a crop on the falcon and a smile on the faces of the falconers we were all happy, well except for the duck.