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Hooded Peregrine falcon
I find it refreshing to try another type of falconry other than what I am most familiar with, which is flying Golden Eagles.

I started serious falconry with a goshawk on my fist and they have stayed one of my great loves. I have managed to reintroduce goshawking back into my life in recent years when my eagle hunting season’s were shortened due to breeding attempts with my female eagle.

Flying longwing falcons was never considered in my early career due to the terrain that I lived in being unsuitable for such an activity.

I am so indebted to my friend Bruce Haak of Idaho for giving me a chance to get out in the sage country with his falcons and enjoy some wonderful and exciting sport.

This particular year Bruce was flying a cast of home grown peregrine falcons, Moxie and Mocha. I never could tell then apart, so I have no idea which one is on my fist in this picture.

The pointer is good ol’ Jake. A great dog and an excellent game finder with a hugh range, which is needed in this terrain. Hence the radio tracker around his neck, Jake is one of those pointers that will hold a point.
The term, “he’ll stay on point till hell freezers over” was typical for Jake, but if you loose sight of your dog in this terrain and then they go on point, it can be a serious problem. A radio tracker on the dog is as important as one on the falcon.