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Vadim Gorbatov, White goshawk with brown hare
White Goshawk.
An almost pure white northern goshawk has been the stuff of dreams for austringers much the same as the lure that the big white gyrfalcons were for falconers.
Here Vadim had the advantage as Russia was the home to the elusive big white goshawks of our dreams.
This action packed painting shows the big gos locked onto the hind quarters of a big brown hare. A bucking bronco of a hare no doubt, and no matter how big this white goshawk is, it is going to be one heck of a job to stay in contact.
Signed print - A4 size at £15.00 + postage.
Signed print - A3 size at £25.00 + postage.
Signed print - A3+ size at £30.00 + postage.
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