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Hermann Goring's Goshawk
A visit to the Archives of Falconry at the World Bird of Prey Centre is always a worth while event. If not just to spend time with Kent Carnie in his Aladdin's cave of falconry treasures.

On this particular visit, Kent had just taken receipt of this mounted Goshawk. No ordinary Goshawk for this was once owned by the notorious Hermann Goring, Reichjagermeister and Reichsfeldmarshall - Commander of the German Luftwaffe during WW II.

It was presented by Hermann Goring to the then Captain R.L. Meredith, the doyen of American Falconry, following their meeting at the International Falconry Exhibition sponsored by the Deutscher Falkenorden, Berlin, 1937.

It was donated to the Archives by Octavia Hall.