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Trained Gyr Falcon
John Dahlke lives just outside Pinedale, Wyoming, famous as the least populated town in the least populated State in the US.
Bruce Haak and I dropped by to visit John on one of our falconry tours to enjoy his hospitality and good hawking grounds. John is a falconer and biologist working for a Wildlife Consultancy firm. He has been having some wonderful success flying longwings at sage grouse for the past several years but is looking to the near future to fly a male Golden eagle at sage grouse.
Employed during the seventies at the University of Montana by Dr. John Craighead, John gained valuable experience breeding golden eagles and hacking the progeny by various means to test reintroduction methods. We were soon joined by that impetus character which is David Frank. Dave introduced me to the delicious flavour of Sage Grouse, which confirmed that not only was this one of the most formidable quarries of the western prairies it was also very desirable in the skillet over the outdoor camp fire.