Vadim Gorbatov's art Gallery
Bandhaugarh, Tigerland

Bandhaugarh National Park, India. Set across the hills in Madhya Pradesh its has a core area of 105 sq km and a buffer zone of around 400 sq km. It has the highest population of Royal Bengal Tigers in India. Once the hunting reserve of the Maharaja of Rewa it is now famous for its White Tigers.
This is a wonderful painting of a Bengal Tiger surveying its territory from an excellent vantage point. I love the added fly over by the flock of Large Indian Parakeets. Also, though difficult to see at this size at the edge of the clearing in front of the tiger is a small herd of Chital (Indian spotted deer) Axis axis.

It is this wonderful detail that Vadim includes within his paintings that encourages your eyes to explore.

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