Vadim Gorbatov's wildlife art Gallery
Thumbnails of Vadim Gorbatov's online wildlife art gallery.

This is the exclusive online gallery for the Russian wildlife artist Vadim Gorbatov. Through the eaglehunter / eaglefalconer websites you can order prints to be made by the artist in Russia. This is the largest collection of Vadim Gorbatov's prints and currently stands at 77 paintings showing this Russian artists wonderful talent.

We do not keep stock of these prints but print to special order, if you would like to order any of these prints please email me.

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Memoirs of a Hunter by Friedrich RemmlerMemoirs of a Hunter is a staggering true-life adventure of deep snow, dark forests and times and places long since claimed by history. In Finland, lynx are run down on skis, in Tsarist Russia borzois are matched against wolves, and below the Ural mountains the reader is introduced to some of the most formidable golden eagles ever employed in falconry. For more details and how to obtain a copy.
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After Thunderstorm
Autumn Rains


over swamp
Cranes over the
Great Fen
After War Years
Russian Spaniels
Russian Bear Hunter
Kazakh Berkutchi
Russian Borzois
To the Fields
Tzar's Falconer
Throughout Taiga
Sikhote-Alin Mountains
Siberian Tigers
Moose and Calves
Over red flags
The path to abandoned village
Russian Foxhounds
To Human
Together with the winds
Couple of Wolves
First Light
First Snow Karelian Husky
Karelian Husky
Russian Husky
First smells of Spring
Alone-Vadim Gorbatov
Bear, Mountain Ash-Vadim Gorbatov
Bear near Den-Vadim Gorbatov
Russian Borzoi
First Snow
Bear and Mountain Ash
Bear near fresh den.
Capercailye-Vadim Gorbatov
Capercaille winter day-Vadim Gorbatov
Clouded Leopard-Vadim Gorbatov
Great Grey Owl-Vadim Gorbatov
Hazel Hen-Vadim Gorbatov
Capercaillie, first light
Capercaillie, winters day
Clouded Leopard, Cambodia
Great Grey Owl
Hazel Hen, April rain.
Otters and Kingfisher-Vadim Gorbatov
Startled Mallard-Vadim Gorbatov
Under old Spruce-Vadim Gorbatov
Lynx-Vadim Gorbatov
Abandoned Village-Vadim Gorbatov
Otters and Kingfisher
Startled Mallard
Under old spruce.
Wind and Sun. Lynx
Abandoned Village
Village Wolves-Vadim Gorbatov
Swallows-Vadim Gorbatov
Behind Ural Mountains-Vadim Gorbatov Grouse-Vadim Gorbatov Butterflys-Vadim Gorbatov
Village Wolves
Barn Swallows in June.
Behind the Ural Mountains.
Black Grouse on Ice.
Butterflys over Cliff.
Capercaille Hen-Vadim Gorbatov Capercaillie over water-Vadim Gorbatov Cock Capercaillie-Vadim Gorbatov Cranes and Moose-Vadim Gorbatov Cranes over chapel-Vadim Gorbatov
Capercaillie Hen.
Capercaillie over running water.
Capercaillie Autumn display.
Cranes and Moose.
Cranes over Chapel.
Swamp-Vadim Gorbatov Hare-Vadim Gorbatov Cranes-Vadim Gorbatov Hazel Hen-Vadim Gorbatov Bears and cranberry-Vadim Gorbatov
Evening at the Swamp.
Fresh Grass.
Good Morning Cranes.
Hazel Hen.
Meeting at the Cranberry Marsh.
Kunovat Swamp-Vadim Gorbatov Mooses mating-Vadim Gorbatov Watermill-Vadim Gorbatov Tiger-Vadim Gorbatov Old boat-Vadim Gorbatov
Midnight at the Kunovat Swamps.
Moose mating season.
Near destroyed water-mill.
Night thunderstorm.
Old Boat.
Old Chapel-Vadim Gorbatov
Quails-Vadim Gorbatov Ravens-Vadim Gorbatov The Silence-Vadim Gorbatov Swans-Vadim Gorbatov
Old Chapel and bear.
Ravens over black lake.
The Silence.
Swans behind the window.
Young Hunter-Vadim Gorbatov Lake-Vadim Gorbatov      
Young Hunter with whistle.
Golden Water.