Vadim Gorbatov's art Gallery
Cranes obver the Great Fen
Cranes over the Great Fen

The Great Fen is in the United Kingdom and as their website explains;
The Great Fen Project - one of the most exciting habitat restoration projects ever undertaken in Britain - will create a 3,700 hectare wetland between Huntingdon and Peterborough.

This will be achieved by obtaining land adjacent to two existing National Nature Reserves, Holme Fen and Woodwalton Fen. Connecting these two vitally important nature reserves will provide a haven for wildlife and create a massive green space for people, opening new opportunities for recreation, education and business.
Vadim explains his painting and association with the project as follows;

"I participated at Great Fen art project. I painted this picture to show the "Great Fen" in the future, after 20-30 years. The main idea is a contrast between the geometrical agricultural landscape and large wild areas. I saw this contrast from the air when traveled over England in the plane. For the picture I used real maps and photos - to show the natural reserve from the point of view of the Cranes. English ornithologists are sure - Cranes (grus grus) will come bask to this area in 20-30 years. I painted the April morning sun, the clouds and showers and a flock of cranes coming back to their native land. Down in the shadow and light there is the real landscape of this area in the future with green and brown squares of spring fields and olive kingdom of swamps, lakes and woods.

In the first venture of its kind in the UK, artists came from all over the world to visit the Great Fen and produced a rich collection of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures depicting the local wildlife and communities.

Inspired by the potential of lowland England’s most ambitious habitat restoration effort, the Great Fen Project, the artists produced work that highlights the riches that exist in the remnants of fenland. The artwork includes field sketches of birds and other animals, detailed botanical and entomological studies, landscapes that are instantly recognisable and landscapes that are almost abstract, sculptures using scrap metal found in the area, and transient paintings of dragonflies on bog oaks dug from peat. Featured artists include Andrea Rich (USA), Carry Akroyd (UK) and Vadim Gorbatov (Russia), along with many others.

‘Artists for Nature Foundation has recognised that artists can make a significant contribution to the conservation of nature by conveying the feeling and atmosphere of a scene in a way that is quite unique... An eloquent testimony to the concern of artists for the future of the natural world.’

- HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

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