Vadim Gorbatov's art Gallery
Royal Kennels of the Grand Duke
To the Fields

This scene is dated 1825 and these hounds men most certainly work for the Royal Kennels of the Grand Duke. No one else would have such a team of fine Psovaya Borzaya as well as a pack of Russian Foxhounds.
The following explaination is from Vadim and covers this picture and the previous "Russian Borzoi"

"I wrote in the pictures several lines from the poems of the great Russian poet Aleksander Pushkin. The first is from "Autumn" and the second is beginning of the poem "Count Nulin". The dates on the pictures are the time of the writing the poems by Pushkin. Period of the flourishing of the Perchin Kennels was later. There were many rich landowners in Russia which had a "complete hunt" (large groups of Borzoi and Russian foxhounds) and they bred their own Borzoi lines. Complete hunt means using Borzoi and foxhounds together. The foxhounds pushed out the game (hares, fox, and wolf) from the bush and woods to the open plain where hunters with Sight hounds waited for them.
Borzoi in Russian (old style) means - swift, rapid."

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