Vadim Gorbatov's art Gallery
Throughout Taiga
Vadim explains his feelings and memories which inspired this painting;
"The name of the picture is the title of a book of a well-known Russian explorer of the Far East, Vladimir Arseniev. His expeditions were at the end of nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century .
One part of this book is "Dersu Uzala" the name of the guide. This book (based on the Arseniev diary) is my dearest, favourite from childhood. There is a Japanese film after this book (by Akiro Kurosava) which won an "Oscar". When I was roaming in the Far East taiga I was full of the impression this book had made on me. Of course I did not meet the tiger, but I saw his native land, his real habitat. I saw and drew tigers in India (and even was attacked by the tiger when our elephant went close to the tiger with kill. Fortunately it was only a demonstration). I was full of my Indian impressions and I "saw the tigers" after each turn of the stream and behind every trunk end and bush.
In the picture the tiger does not want to go away because of his fresh kill, the small team (officer, and several solders, the gude (I keep in mind Dersu Uzala) is pressing down the rifle of the officers and crying "Go away Amba (local word for tiger). There is enough space in taiga for everybody!" Those words told Dersu to the tiger in the book "Throughout taiga".
By they way, at the foreground there is ground squirrel "burunduk". Near fallen tree, under fern."
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