Vadim Gorbatov, Risky Attack

Here are some images from the first ever Festival of Falconry 2007.

The Festival was such a great success that the organisers are holding another event on 10th - 12th July 2009.

Hope to see you all there.

Yurts, Mongolian yurt company
Central Asian village starts to take shape.
Kyrgyz display Yurt.
The Kyrgyz berkutchi put together the Authentic Mongolian Ger from Amanda Copp.
Central Asian falconers in England

A visit on the 11th to The Hawk Conservancy was enjoyed by our Central Asian participants.
So far the falconers from China, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, with most of the Kazakh's yet to join us.

The First day of the Festival was a great success .
Falconers from every nation enjoyed each others company throughout the day and danced, sang and partied into the night.
Chinese falconers Festival of Falconry
Falconers from China and Japan in the Parade of Nations.
Falconers from Hungary.
Falconers from Japan.
Berkutchi from Kyrgyzstan
Berkutchi's from Kyrgyzstan.
Falconers from Turkmenistan Falconers from Korea
Berkutchi from Kazakhstan
Falconers from Turkmenistan.
Falconers from Korea
Berkutchi's from Kazakhstan
Turkmen camp falconry Festival
The Turkmenian's really enjoyed themselves and they were a great hit with all the visiting falconers.
My good friends from Kyrgyzstan.
Sue Headdon from Jersey with the British Falconers Club.
Kazakh yurt eagle falconry
Photo display outside the large Kazakh Yurt
Jane Yeo sings at the Falconers Festival
YuHongjuan, aka Jane Yeo entertains the falconers singing Chinese love songs.
Camels are still revered by the bedouin falconers of the dessert.
Berkutchi and delegates from Kazakhstan gave a wonderful display.