Third Festival of Falconry

The Third International Festival of Falconry was held at Jahili Fort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi at the kind invitation of the Emirates Falconry Club. It was a great success attracting seventy eight nations.

Following on from the first two Festivals held in Reading, England, the third Festival has again broken the record for the greatest gathering of Falconry nations at one event in history. The brotherhood of falconry is stronger now than it has ever been before and with recognition of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage, falconers are enjoying a global community with a common understanding and passion for the art of falconry.

I was very much involved and thus did not have the time to capture as many photographs as I would have liked but I did get a flavour of the event both at the desert camp and at the fort.

Since I lacked some images I have been lucky to be allowed to upload images taken by friends to whom I am grateful. These images are marked with their names.

If you were there and have some good images which you think could add to this page and you are willing to share, and I will add the ones that are suitable.

Falconry Festival desert camp Falconry Festival gyr falcon
Falconry Festival Arab gyr falcon
desert camp Falconry Festival Hooded gyr Falconry Festival
Emeriates falconry Festival
Arab falconer Festival Falconry The desert camp located at Al-Ramah south of Al Ain, was held for the training of falcons and eagles for the Festival at Jahili Fort.
We were also able to experience desert falconry from Camels hunting hare and Houbara. This was a great experience for most visiting falconers.
dark gyr Falconry Festival

Arab falconer Festival Falconry

An Arab falconer feeds his gyrfalcon at the Festival of Falconry

Desert camp Festival of Falconry

Bedu Tent at the third Festival of Falconry

Bedu tent at the desert camp.

Falcon tent at the desert camp Falconry Festival

Falcon mews at the desert camp.

Falcon training plane Falconry Festival

Model plane trailing a lure for training falcons.

Steppe village at the Festival of Falconry

Mongolian ger at the Steppe village.

Young falconer girls Falconry Festival
Mongolian falconer Festival
Young UAE girl falconers Festival Mateuta Victor Daniel Romanian falconer Festival
Young UAE girl falconers.
Mateuta Victor Daniel Romanian falconer.
Arab saluki Falconry Festivalsaluki in UAE Falconry Festival
Wacky Racers, Saluki racing Arab style.
Saluki racing at falconry festival
Festival of Falconry Saluki racing
Saluki racing in the UAE Falconry Festival
Car Chase after saluki's Falconry Festival
Saluki from UAE Falconry Festival
Falcon Hospital visit UAE Falconry Festival
Falcon Hospital visit, one of the excursions.

Festival of Falconry Abu Dhabi

Shaded food and meeting area at the desert camp.

Wudi Chinese Falconer Festival Falconry
Many people were fascinated to watch Wudi from China handle the Shikra hawk as he placed it in the palm of his hand ready to throw her.
Here he is practising at the desert camp but both he and Qin performed every day in the arena at Jihili Fort.
Mongolian Kazakhs at third Festival of Falconry
Narbek, Suilaukhan, Aralbai and Alan Gates.
Truck full of Falconers Festival



Third Festival of Falconry Al Ain
Narbek, Kazakh Mongolian drags a lure for an eagle.

Narbek, Mongolian Kazakh horseman who represented the Mongolian Kazakh eaglehunters from Bayaan Ulgii.

Aralbai the most famous Mongolian berkutchi also attended together with Sailaukhan an award winning berkutchi. The festival was proud to have invited and succeeded in their attendance at this great occasion.

Kashim Narbek, Mongolian Kazakh Falconry Festival
Jim Chick at the Festival Falconry
Jim Chick stoops a falcon to the pole lure at the Festival.
Parade of Nations at the Third Festival of falconry

Parade of Nations at the Third Festival of Falconry, Jahili Fort, Al Ain, UAE.


Arthur Derziyan and Diana Durman-Walters Falconry Festival
Arthur Derziyan, falconer from Armenia with Diana Durman-Walters, British falconer, falcon breeder and expert dog trainer.
Josef Hiebeler Falconry Festival
India Falconry Festival
Josef and Monika Hiebeler from Austria.
Falconer from India.

white eyed Shikra Falconry Festival

White eyed Shikra hawk.
A great hit at the festival.

Young falconers  Falconry Festival

Two young falconers at the Festival.

This Japanese falconer is representing a falconry tradition that has all but disappeared. This type of falconry with hawk eagles was quite numerous from as far back as the 7th. century.

Its famous stronghold was in the Senndou Hiyama on Akita Pref. Ogachi-gun Ugo-machi village which is surrounded by the Dewa Mountains.

Many falconer were born and grew up in this area, in the middle of the twentieth century there was thought to be up to 45 falconers / farmers left who survived through agriculture and hunting. Mr. Takaitiro Takeda was the last of his generation and died in 1992 at the age of 77 years old.

Japan falconer Falconry Festival
Henna Hands at the Festival of Falconry
Henna Hands is a big hit with the ladies.
Henna Falconry Festval Falconry Festival
Camel in UAE Falconry Festival
desert falconer Falconry Festival
Camel at desert camp Falconry Festival

Kalif Falconry Festival

Head of the Horse and Camel stables and in charge of the desert hunts.

Arab desert falconer Festival
The chance to go desert hawking, riding on camels and horses with falcons and saluki's was a great experience for those lucky enough to go. This is real Arab falconry and is much more in-tune with the environment and tradition. This is Saed Ateq Al Mansori.
Desert Hawking at Festival of Falconry
Desert Camels Falconry Festival
Desert Life Falconry Festival
Jahili Fort Festival of Falconry
Front Enterance of Jahili Fort, the Festival of Falconry was held in Jahili Park.
Trade stands and falconry market stalls lined in front of Jahili Fort. Jahili Park festival of falconry
Jahili Park Festival of Falconry

Some of the Nation tents in Jahili Park.


Arab music at the third Festival of Falconry
Arab music entertained the crowd and falconers alike at the third Festival of Falconry.

Pakistan falconry furniture Festival

Pakistan falconry furniture.

Pakistan falconers Falconry Festival

Pakistan falconers

Iranian falconry Festival

Falconry in Iran.

Falconry hoods from Pakistan Falconry Festival
Falconry hoods Festival

Falcon hoods for sale in the market stalls at the third International Festival of Falconry.