Fourth Festival of Falconry

The Fourth International Festival of Falconry was held at Al Forsan, International Sports Resort and at the Falconers’ Camp at Hamim in Al Gharbia (The Western Region), Abu Dhabi at the kind invitation of the Emirates Falconry Club. It was a great success attracting eighty nations.

Following on from the previous Festivals of Falconry, the fourth Festival has again broken the record for the greatest gathering of Falconry nations at one event in history. The brotherhood of falconry is stronger now than it has ever been before and with recognition of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage, falconers are enjoying a global community with a common understanding and passion for the art of falconry.

This time the Desert Camp was designed to house up to 700 falconers for five days, on the Wednesday 10th. everyone moved to hotels in Abu Dhabi and the public Festival commenced at Al Forsan Sports Resort.

The following are images that I took during both my stay at the Desert Camp and the Festival, I hope you get a flavour of the experience.

Festival of Falconry 2014 desert camp
Desert camp at the Festival of Falconry 2014. At Hamim in Al Gharbi.
Dining facilities at the Desert Camp.
Training one of the eagles from Al Ain Zoo.
The Robara by Wingbeat.

Wingbeat's first prey species is the Houbara Bustard Chlamydotis undulata, the ultimate quarry of Arabian falconry. The Robara is an exact replica of an adult male Houbara. But whereas the real Houbara weighed 2000g, the Robara weighs less than 1000g. We have spent two years designing the Robara and testing prototypes on falcons ranging in size from male gyr/peregrines through to female gyrfalcons. The Robara has to be very carefully designed so that it can match the flight performance profiles of the very best falcons, but not exceed them. It is important that the balance between predator and prey is maintained and the Robara must not be so powerful that it can outfly the falcon.

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Saluki dogs and Camels are as much apart of Arabian falconry as the Saker falcon is.
Harris hawking in the desert after desert hares.

Festival of Falconry starts at the Al Forsan, International Sports Resort.
First Day is Schools Day.

The following days the Festival was open to the general public.
Steppe Nation village with their Gers and Yurts loaded with interesting items.
Belgian Falconry Federation
The Belgian Falconry Federation Commemorative Coin was specially designed for the
2014 Festival of Falconry in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.
Vadim Gorbatov Turkmenian falconer Vadim Gorbatov Russian Zaar falconer
To view or purchase falconry prints of Vadim Gorbatov's click here.
Some of the many delegates representing their Nations that were present.

We give thanks on behalf of all those who attended the Festival of Falconry in the UAE in December 2014 for the gracious invitation from His Highness, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi and the support given by the Emirates Falconers Club.

Falconry truly is a World Heritage which bridges borders, countries and political differences to bring together a united brotherhood.