Vadim Gorbatov's art Gallery
Wolf and red flags
Over Red Flags
When I first saw this painting I was puzzled but as Vadim explains it becomes much clearer;
"This is Russian wolf hunting. The hunters surround part of the wood with a wolf pack within (there are no footprints going out of the area) with a long cord with red flags attached.
The animals are afraid of the unusual colour and the human smell on the red fabric and can not cross the line. But sometimes (very rarely) there is a clever and brave wolf which can overcome this instinct and cross the line over or under the flags. This is the grounding of the picture. There is a popular song from the famous Russian singer Vladimir Visockii "The Wolf hunting". Red flags in the song is the ideological and real borders in the mind of the Soviet people of the times of "Iron curtain" fabric."
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